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Alcohol Beverage Tax Archiving

Alcohol Beverage Tax Archiving

Archive your alcohol transactions data in secure cloud server for easy access.
Alcohol Tax Archiving

Alcohol Tax Archiving

Avior’s Alcohol Tax Archiving (Avior AlcTax-A) is the cloud-based system companies trust to back up large amounts of historical tax information and improve their system’s performance. Data is stored according to Archiving’s data retention requirements, and your information is always available to you on-demand for amendment processing or queries. Archiving makes it easy for you to have total control over your tax information while increasing audit performance and efficiency.


To improve your system’s performance and give you total control over your data, AlcTax Archiving moves your historical tax information into a cloud-based backup storage. Our users can then view, erase, recover, and report their archived data, as well as set their preferred archiving specifications. Handling the huge amounts of data generated for tax returns and accessing historical data on-demand for supporting tax audits is an easy, seamless task for Archiving.

Key Features

  1. Encrypted and Stored-For your security and convenience, AlcTax encrypts, compresses, and archives your tax information.
  2. On-demand-Our on-demand query seamlessly restores your tax data to make it viewable.
  3. Personalized Rules-Users can create their own archiving rules for data files.
  4. Constant Availability-Reports for archived tax data files are always available.


By implementing AlcTax Archiving, users can:
  1. Increase their system’s performance with Archiving’s cloud-based storage.
  2. Remove the need for IT system availability, along with other IT maintenance and management costs.
  3. Receive support for the tax auditing process.
  4. Guarantee their retention requirements, security, and controls are constantly maintained.