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Liquor Tax Rates


Liquor Tax Rates 
State / Local Tax Type Tax Rate Tax Basis Local Jurisdiction Tax State Control
Alabama Liquor     None Yes
Alaska Liquor $12.80      
California Liquor $3.30 Per gallon, Distilled Spirits, $6.60/gal over 100% proof    
Colorado Vinous Liquor $0.0733 Per Liter    
Spirituous Liquor $0.6026 Per Liter    
Indiana Liquor $2.68 Per gallon, 21% or more    
New York Liquor $1.7 Per Liter, $1.7 24% alcohol, $0.67 more than 2%, $0.01 less than 2%    
New York City Liquor $0.264 More than 24% alcohol    

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