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What is AlcTax Determination?

AlcTax Determination is a platform that calculates alcohol excise taxes in real-time and enables companies to include alcohol tax computations in their invoice orders.

AlcTax Determination is simple to use:

  • Install the AlcTax Determination web service application or plug-in.
  • Using the code we provide, create an account.
  • Set up states, product type mapping, and exemptions.
  • To test, make an alcohol invoice.

Key Features

Tax Determination in Real Time: AlcTax Determination provides real-time identification and calculation of alcohol excise tax for transactions across all states, including city, county, and local jurisdictions. By connecting to AlcTax’s server using a downloaded plug-in or web service application, our platform seamlessly interacts with your ERP, accounting, or invoicing system. Our automated technology enable customers to calculate the cost of alcohol tax at any time prior to saving an invoice.

Automated Tax Returns: With AlcTax Determination, you can create signature-ready returns for all of your alcohol excise tax transactions, automating the entire tax filing process, and cutting costs needed for IT software and tax accounting.

Accurate Reporting: The AlcTax Determination extension keeps up with all the most recent tax laws and rates so you don’t have to. Any modifications to an invoice cause the tax amount to be automatically triggered and updated. Our software also provides transparency by detailing tax computation mistakes and identifying data sources so users can see where calculations are coming from.

Total Coverage: All major federal, state, county, and local U.S. jurisdictions are full supported by AlcTax Determination in their filing of excise taxes for alcoholic beverages.

Security: Avior allows the usage of SSL to protect data wile it is being transmitted.

Support: Any questions you may have regarding alcohol taxes can be answered by our team of knowledgeable technical experts and customer support. We’ll do our best to ensure a prompt and efficient solution.

How It Works

You only need to create your account using the code we provide you with and set it to your specifications after installing and configuring the plug-in or web service application. Alcohol excise taxes can then be added to orders by a merchant without any additional steps being made.

Read the FAQs and our AlcTax Determination blog to learn more.

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